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Glolife Integrative Health For you and your Family

Glolife Podcast Featuring Gemma Sanda

The Glolife Podcast provides men and women insights for empowering themselves and each other. 

Gemma Sanda is founder of Glolife an Integrative Health Studio in Manchester, UK. 

 A parent first, a yoga teacher, breathwork coach, massage therapist and student health coach with the UK Health Coaching Academy UKHCA. 

This podcast will open you up to the many benefits of an Integrative health approach to your lifestyle for emotional, spiritual and physical equilibrium and the ripple effect this has on your family and friends.

Gemma talks about women's health, men's health, children's health, parenting, domestic abuse, relationships, bullying, exercise, food and much more with a fun but science based approach. 

Expert guests are often invited onto the show. Grounding Breathwork before each episode.